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Hey, I'm Beverley.

Not just another social media consultant...

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I can list all of the companies I have done and am creating social media strategies for and brag about all the cool places I've been on stage as a speaker… but what you really need to know is that I've been living in the digital world since I was a kid, coding websites from scratch, and using community forums and Yahoo! Chat long before it was referred to as "social media".

I'm not one of those online-diploma-in-three-minutes, cost-next-to-nothing because there is no-real-strategy-just-posting social media “experts.”

So if you're tired of listening to those "gurus" and still having your social media marketing not driving leads, work with me to kick ass in the digital world.

Sample of Businesses I've Worked With

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What It's LIke to Work With Me

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"Not only does she provide great large-scale ideas on how to improve your digital marketing, but also provides the little tips and tricks to get it done in a way that saves time and money." - Jerad Cox
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"Beverley is one of the rare social media strategists who truly cares about all aspects of her craft - from short and long term social strategy." - Wilson Wong
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"It's actually incredibly rare that you can get real, unbiased feedback on the work that you're doing. Sometimes you need to hear the truth, even if it isn't always positive news and I really value that." - Matt Watterworth

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Social Media Automation = Use It

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Social Media Marketing for Gamers

But, do you even game bro? Whether you’re a business owner, personal brand or even a gamer, the basics of social media apply to you! For gamers who stream, a personal brand is 100% important, not only in terms of visuals (logo, graphics, etc.) but also your streaming style, how you talk, what you wear …

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