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I can list all of the companies I have done and am creating social media strategies for and brag about all the cool places I have been on stage as a speaker… but what you really need to know is that I have been living in the digital world since I was a kid, coding websites from scratch, and using community forums and Yahoo! Chat long before it was referred to as social media. I am not one of those online-diploma-in-three-minutes, cost-next-to-nothing because there is no-real-strategy-just-posting social media “experts.”

I know my shit and I will get you results. So if you're tired of your social media marketing not working, work with me to kick ass in the digital world.

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Latest Social Media Insights

united nations edmonton speaker

Flex: I was invited to speak at a United Nations of Canada event!

Today I presented about branding, graphic design and digital marketing at an event organized by the United Nations of Canada!

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5 Semi-Okay Ways to Grow Your Facebook Business Page

This blog post covers one of the most popular questions I constantly get asked: How do I get more Facebook Page Likes? Here are some “decent ways”.

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Come learn how to grow your social accounts!

I’m sharing all the “secrets” aka tactics you probably aren’t familiar with. And if you’ve seen me present in the past, you know there will be awkward jokes, some unethical learnings (for educational purposes) and much more!

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Learn social media & pay per click advertising weekly

Every Wednesday at 10:30 am MST, I co-host an Instagram Live show, Marketing Beet! Ameet Khara and I chat pay per click and social media marketing tips and strategies!

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