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Learn the five PROVEN tactics to increase your business's social media engagement.

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Not Just Another Social Media Consultant

edmonton social media consultant

I can list all of the companies I have done and am creating social media strategies for and brag about all the cool places I have been on stage as a speaker… but what you really need to know is that I have been living in the digital world since I was a kid, coding websites from scratch, and using community forums and Yahoo! Chat long before it was referred to as social media.

I am not one of those online-diploma-in-three-minutes, cost-next-to-nothing because there is no-real-strategy-just-posting social media “experts.” I know my shit and I will get you results. So if you're tired of your social media marketing not working, work with me to kick ass in the digital world.

Book me to rock your stage with humor and sass.

I will help you win at social media marketing.

Trusted By

matt watterworth client testimonial

Matt Watterworth
Executive Producer, Full Swing Productions

"She's no nonsense, intelligent, energetic, and honest. Honesty being the most important thing, because it's actually incredibly rare that you can get real, unbiased feedback on the work that you're doing. Sometimes you need to hear the truth, even if it isn't always positive news and I really value that. Looking forward to working with Beverley again!"

laura tailleur eedc

Laura Tailleur
Event Planning Committee, EDSS

"She is results oriented, extremely knowledgeable and her experience and passion for social media is evident in her work. Her practical, tell it like it is personality is so refreshing, it's easy to see why companies seek her out specifically. Definitely work with Beverley if you're looking to take your social media to the next level."

Need some straight talk about your social media marketing?

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There are over 50 million businesses on social media...

Are you doing your best on social media?