3 Things Holding Back Your Social Media Strategy

By now, you should have an idea as to why social media is so important for small businesses. In fact, if you click here, you’ll find an entire post talking about this. So, you should already have a social media strategy, but it might not perform as you hoped. You can see that some elements of it are falling into place, yet it feels like you’re being held back. The leads aren’t generating as they should, your follower count isn’t increasing – why?

Many things can get in the way of a good social media strategy. Some of these things have very little to do with the strategy itself! Let’s look at a few examples:

Technology Issues

Problems with your hardware can lead to issues with your social media strategy. They don’t seem linked, but they are. If you’re wasting time with technology issues, it’s preventing you from interacting on social media or staying updated with your followers. A similar issue occurs when your internet connection is incredibly slow! There’s nothing that can hinder your social media like slow internet,it limits your ability to respond quickly and post content in a timely fashion. Luckily, you can solve these issues with managed IT services – click here for more info. When your IT infrastructure is in place, and all your hardware works efficiently, you’ll never miss a beat. 100% of your attention can go towards your social media strategy instead of struggling with stupid tech issues.

Brand Misalignment

This refers to instances where your brand does not align with your social media activities. It’s common for a company to cultivate a professional image, only to have a laid back manner on social media.

If your brand is designed to be authoritative, you have to act like it on social media. This means tweeting in a professional manner and producing content that reflects your brand. Otherwise, you target the wrong audience on social media, meaning you never generate any leads. So, avoid brand misalignment and be sure that your social media actions reflect those of your brand.

Wrong platform focus

There are plenty of social media platforms out there, some of which deserve more attention than others. If you want your social strategy to succeed, you have to know where your audience hangs out. This involves doing some market research to figure out what social media platforms they tend to use. Are they on Twitter? Does your demographic use Instagram?

If you focus on the wrong platforms, it won’t matter how good your social media content is. You’re effectively shouting into a void! (For example, say your target audience is middle-aged women with children. If you devote all of your social media budgets to a TikTok strategy, you’re wasting time. Your target audience is predominately on Facebook!)

Is your social media strategy might be held back by these three things? What will you do to resolve the issues?


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