Who the heck is Beverley Theresa?

You know how some social media marketers, consultants and strategists are all about crafting the one perfect post? Beverley believes business owners who are doing social media themselves don't need to be paralyzed by perfection, they need to get in and get out and move on with their hectic schedule.

Social media doesn't need to be complicated, time consuming or confusing. It doesn't need to be a huge time suck and it doesn't HAVE to be a fucking nag on your to-do list.

Beverley's Mission:
Make social media marketing simple and straight forward so your business can grow, profit and own your industry online.

Hi, I'm Beverley!

Being in the social media marketing space for over 8 years has taught me a lot of lessons. First, if you're too busy to learn social media, hire someone who specializes in it. Second, if you don't have the budget or capacity to take on a specialist, do it yourself.

Growing up in the punk scene I've always been advocate for do it yourself-ers, well at least the DIYers who try their best to do it right. Want a cd to sell at your shows? Record one in your basement. Want to be the headlining band at a show? Organize your own event... Want to show people online how much you love your business? Manage your own social media.

I'm not going to lie to you, social media isn't the easiest thing to learn. You might find yourself asking

  • Should we be on TikTok?
  • How often should we be posting?
  • What should we be posting?
  • What the hell does "quality content" actually mean?

Those can be confusing, amirite? I know.

From working with clients locally and internationally, I can tell you that every business has the same issues when it comes to social media marketing. Another thing in common is: they knew when it was time to get help.

You can be confident in your social media marketing, whether you hire out or get training, at the end of the day, your social media can convert followers into customers.

I gotchu.

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Did you know: I graduated from Marketing at NAIT with honors in Sales, worked as an Associate Analyst at Canada's leading market research firm and later graduated from EDAC with honors in Web Design & Graphic Design.

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