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Who the heck is Beverley Theresa?

I have been online forever, gaming and coding and I love the digital world, sometimes more than the real world, definitely more than I should. When I was finally forced to go to college by my high-expectation traditional parents, I randomly chose Marketing. I graduated from NAIT, worked at a market research firm as an Associate Analyst and later graduated from Edmonton Digital Arts College with honors in Web Design & Graphic Design (sorry, boring, but street cred). When social media became a thing, I was ready to help businesses not suck at their social media marketing because I knew the digital world and fundamental marketing principles… a match made in social media marketing heaven!

Okay, so I feel a bit uncomfortable because I'm literally bragging, but, to separate me from the wannabe's, you probably would like to know that I've been a social media consultant for 8+ years (which makes me ancient in this field). I've helped small to international businesses be confident with their social media marketing. And I've spoken as an expert (hate that word as EVERYBODY seems to be a social media expert) about social media strategy on stages at conferences like Social Media Camp, SocialWest, iMEDIA Social Media Conference and I went on tour with Rogers to their small business centers in Western Canada to do social media training.

If you need someone to craft a social media marketing strategy, train and consult with yourself or your team, I'm your person!

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Beverley has been interviewed and featured as a social media marketing professional on numerous Instagram Lives, website articles/blog posts, podcasts, online video series, radio, and television.

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Support Team

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Amaya Daley
Marketing Assistant

Amaya is no stranger to the world of marketing, and as a public relations professional, she is well versed in helping businesses communicate. She assists Beverley in strategy development, content creation and copywriting.

Interested in working with the team? There are no official openings at the moment, but if you think you'd be a great fit and have measurable experience, send us an email on why you want to work with the team and your LinkedIn profile URL to team[at]

And nope, you don't have to be in Edmonton, Alberta!