Book Your (First) Session

Whether you're booking only one session (Jam Session) or wanting to do the Kick Off (3 sessions) or Mentorship (6 sessions), please use the scheduling tool below to book your (first) session.

Your session will NOT be considered confirmed until you have made payment, which you can do below in the booking process.

Please read carefully:

  • If you'd like to pay via e-transfer, please go through the calendar system above then when you get to the payment page, you will see instructions for e-transfer payments
  • All consulting sessions will be done via Zoom, a voice/video meeting platform, unless otherwise agreed to
  • You must notify me of cancellations with at least 24 hour notice, it's your responsibility to request a new time/day
  • If you decide you want to move up a package after our first session, we can credit the amount you've paid towards the next package (For example, if you book a Jam Session but feel like you need additional sessions, we'll credit the Jam Session payment towards a Kick Off package).
  • Due to the nature of this service, refunds will not be available