[Infographic] How to get started with omni-channel marketing

You might think that if you do an email campaign and have a website, that’s omnichannel marketing. But you’d be wrong, sorry! If you’re just doing those two things, you’re probably creating a report for each, tracking each method on its own. That’s multi channel marketing — you’re pursuing multiple methods of contacting current and potential customers. But omnichannel is something different entirely.

Omnichannel marketing is about taking all those efforts that you’re doing and uniting them into one cohesive whole. To do that though involves a whole different set of tools in order to capture data and put it all together. For example, omnichannel marketing takes a potential sale — such as a visit to your website — and channels that into a targeted ad that the same person might see on Facebook. What else is required and useful in omnichannel marketing? This graphic walks through the essential steps you need to know.


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