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Every social media marketing professional likes to tell you how to do things because they're best practice and proven to work in the past. I know from experience that "best practices" and proven past strategies and tactics don't necessarily work for ALL businesses. So, when you're reading through my blog, keep in mind that these are just RECOMMENDATIONS, what works for the majority of businesses, might not work for yours. (If you want some tips how to customize something for your business, just shoot me an email.)

Don't be afraid to test things out and try new strategies. Just remember to check your analytics on a regular basis to ensure what you're doing is working and you're achieving the results that are important to your bottom line.

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Finding your target audience with social media

Want to know how to use social media to assist you in the discovery process of your target audience? This week we talked about figuring out your ideal clients, understanding what your audience is interested in and how to figure out what platforms they’re on.

why edmonton businesses need a website

Why you still need a website in 2019

Remember when Instagram was broken and everyone was freaking out?

united nations edmonton speaker

Flex: I was invited to speak at a United Nations of Canada event!

Today I presented about branding, graphic design and digital marketing at an event organized by the United Nations of Canada!

socianominal thumbnail

Sociamonials Review: I Try Sociamonials Social Media Manager Dashboard

One thing I hate is signing up for trials of tools so that’s why I decided to focus on doing more YouTube reviews of social media tools, saving you the hassle! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel to get the latest and greatest reviews.

facebook growth strategies

5 Semi-Okay Ways to Grow Your Facebook Business Page

This blog post covers one of the most popular questions I constantly get asked: How do I get more Facebook Page Likes? Here are some “decent ways”.


Come learn how to grow your social accounts!

I’m sharing all the “secrets” aka tactics you probably aren’t familiar with. And if you’ve seen me present in the past, you know there will be awkward jokes, some unethical learnings (for educational purposes) and much more!

instagram live broadcast

Learn social media & pay per click advertising weekly

Every Wednesday at 10:30 am MST, I co-host an Instagram Live show, Marketing Beet! Ameet Khara and I chat pay per click and social media marketing tips and strategies!

social media and google ads podcast

LinkedIn Is Not Facebook

Why do so many business professionals fail at LinkedIn? What kind of content belongs on LinkedIn?

smm thumb

How to choose a social media manager and not get f*cked over

Learn what to look for in a social media manager. Your social media is your business’ mouthpiece online, don’t leave it up to just anyone!