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Every social media marketing professional likes to tell you how to do things because they're best practice and proven to work in the past. I know from experience that "best practices" and proven past strategies and tactics don't necessarily work for ALL businesses. So, when you're reading through my blog, keep in mind that these are just RECOMMENDATIONS, what works for the majority of businesses, might not work for yours. (If you want some tips how to customize something for your business, just shoot me an email.)

Don't be afraid to test things out and try new strategies. Just remember to check your analytics on a regular basis to ensure what you're doing is working and you're achieving the results that are important to your bottom line.

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ecommerce trust social proof

Adding Trust To Your Online Store’s Messaging

We don’t live in the early 2000s anymore, where a lot of customers were skeptical about even the idea of buying something online and eBay could feel like the wild west. Most people are used to e-commerce by now but even the most internet-savvy will still have a degree of skepticism when they reach a new store for the first time.

more entertaining blog posts

How to Make Your Blog Posts Less Boring

It can get easy to get stuck in patterns of writing that can be boring to write and to read, I know. By “shaking things up”, you can make your blog posts more entertaining to read and bring in new readers.

marketing excel templates

Excel Templates To Make Marketing Easier

Undoubtedly, Excel is a powerful tool. It’s no coincidence it is widely used across several industries and fields. However, nowhere are Excel templates more beneficial than in the highly volatile world of marketing.

essential seo for small businesses

SEO: An Absolute Essential for Your Business

E-Commerce has slowly been taking over an increasing percentage of the market for years now. But over the past year, online retail really has taken off and become many people’s main form of shopping.

content creation for franchises

How Franchises Benefit from Content Creation

Franchisors need content online to market effectively, but figuring out what that content should be can be a huge dilemma.

affordable digital marketing

How to Get New Customers Without Spending a Fortune

Without customers, your business can’t really exist, like literally, so it’s essential to find ways to gain new customers. However, many advertising techniques can be pretty costly.

better small business service

Impressing New Customers Isn’t All About Fancy Graphics & Big Social Media Followings

When building a solid digital marketing strategy, it’s only natural that you’ll be thinking about SEO, social media, and visual elements. While they are all central features, don’t forget that all companies focus on these. So, doing these alone may not bring the results you’d hoped for. If you really want to impress prospective customers, …

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crazy things about seo

5 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About SEO

SEO is one of the pillars of digital marketing and, not surprisingly, I get asked a lot of questions about it from clients. If you don’t have good SEO, you’ll fall behind all of your rivals. It is the number one way of gaining web traffic, meaning you can potentially increase sales and leads at the same time.

marketing strategy financially make sense

How to Make Sure Your Marketing Strategy Makes Sense Financially

Done right, marketing can be a major investment for your company. Done wrong, it can seriously hurt your profitability. In order to protect yourself, you need to match your strategy and budget to your current situation.