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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan

Social media seems to be a “necessary evil” when it comes to business, especially if you rely heavily on the internet to generate warm leads. With all of the various social media channels out there, it can be a freaking challenge to manage them. That’s where a social media planner becomes a handy dandy tool to dictate what to share and when.

Here is how to create a social media schedule:

1. Existing social media presence.

Take a look at your existing social media accounts. Which of them are beneficial? What can you do to enhance them? Are there any social assets that turned out to be totally useless? Decide whether to work on improving them or forget about em!

2. Priority channels

There is absolutely no fucking need to embrace all existing social networking sites. Analyze the demographics you want to reach and content types you can produce; this will help to choose only one to two channels for your plan. Set sub-goals for each of them, results you want to get, and metrics you’re going to use to estimate success.

3. Actions

Define your future activity for each of the channels you chose. In addition to posting your content, social media makes it possible to communicate directly with your customers, professional communities, and leaders of your industry. Answer questions, express your opinion, comment on relevant posts to prove your expertise and trustworthiness.

4. Content types

Understanding what content you’re going to use to promote your business is a crucial point of scheduling your efforts. Rad content should be compelling and relevant to your products and services. Be realistic about costs and time investments you can budget for content creation.

5. Tracking tools

Analytics is a must for any social media marketing campaign, allowing to measure the results of your activity. Take some time to research what tracking tools fit into your strategy best. It’s up to you what tools you choose, just keep in mind what your business needs.

6. Schedule

Planning the frequency of your social activity, remember that too many posts can annoy your audience! Schedule your actions and try to keep users informed but don’t be annoying af. Promotional posts should alternate with entertaining and informative ones! Make people CARE about what you have to say.

7. Time

Be realistic; social media marketing is time-consuming. You can find yourself spending hours and hours on social trying to run your campaigns flawlessly. Avoid that by setting a number of hours a week for implementing this plan and keep it!

Include some milestones into your schedule. Monitor your shit and you’ll be able to see what works good and what you should improve to make social media a better marketing tool for your business.

Social Media Planner Workbook

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