Social Media Marketing

Infographic: Boosting Your Brand With Social Media Engagement

Social media has become a large part of business marketing. It can boost brand awareness, increase conversions, and help businesses grow. Using social media may seem easy, but to reap the rewards, you must effectively engage with your audience.

3 Things Holding Back Your Social Media Strategy

By now, you should have an idea as to why social media is so important for small businesses.So, you should already have a social media strategy, but it might not perform as you hoped.

Why Social Media is Important for SMEs

SMEs are just as important to any industry as the big multinational companies. They may still have relatively large turnover and dedicated customers that keep coming back. Or maybe they used to come back but lately things have taken a dip…

Image depicts that social media marketing relies on research, content, ideas, and presentation.

Guide to social media marketing for local businesses

Finding a place in the world of social media marketing proves to be a challenge to many businesses. This guide intends to bust preconceptions that social media marketing is made for big players, that it costs a zillion dollars, and that it’s too complicated.

Running out of content ideas? Try these!

Thinking of content, whether it’s for your blog or social media posts, can be a pain. Have you ever just stared at your computer screen, ready to pull your hair out because you can’t think of what to post next?

social media unfollows

Top reasons you’re losing social media followers

When starting your business I bet you never thought that losing social media followers would be something you worry about. While losing a few followers from time to time isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm, the constant loss of followers is.

A quick way to learn social media marketing

Earlier this year I was asked by Search Engine Journal to write a chapter in their new book, How to Dominate Social Media! Download your free copy here!