Still Struggling With Social Media?


You're just looking through Instagram one rainy afternoon. Suddenly you come across a post from your main competitor that makes you sit up...

Holy sh*t, how many likes does it have? You're scrolling and scrolling but there's no end in sight.

And what the hell is that? 97 comments!? - A whole crowd of excited people all chattering about their newest product launch.

Then you have a quick look at your profile...

Yup, still no crowds here. More like an empty wasteland maybe?

The difference between you and them is simple:
They have a winning social media marketing strategy. You don't.

Many of my clients are either new to this or confused and dissatisfied because nothing what they're doing is working.

And yes, building an audience on social media is frustrating. There's an overwhelming amount of conflicting information out there. Every "guru" has their own take on it and preaches like their life depends on it.

Your success depends on cutting through the crap and finding what works.

Whether you're doing your social media yourself or you have employees handling it without success...

This "DIY - approach" is like learning how to fly an airplane for going on your next vacation.
I mean, sure you could do it.
But wouldn't you rather board a plane and get taken to your destination?
Skipping long hours of practice and the worrying if you'll make it?

I'm here to be your pilot!

Social Media Services

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  • summer-scott
    Edmonton Digital Marketing Agency

    "She is an absolute fire cracker. She tells it like it is and has such a deep knowledge and understanding for social media. She makes strong recommendations and is always thinking about what is best for her clients and their specific industries."
    - Summer S.

  • chris mikulin
    Chris Mikulin

    "Beverley is one of the most knowledgeable and hardest working social media strategists that I've ever worked with. In an industry full of charlatans and self proclaimed gurus, she is a breath of fresh air as she is not afraid to speak her mind with clients and provide her opinion. She won't sell services to clients that they don't need or use shady tactics. I highly recommend Beverley to anyone looking to make some big moves on social and get the most out of their budget."
    - Chris M.

  • theresa baretta business systems workflow coach
    Loop Link Inc.

    "Working with Beverley has been an amazing experience, she provided guidance and intelligence in blind spots that I had. She was always readily available to assist me and my business and always had our interest at heart and her passion for social media and marketing is so contagious. "
    - Theresa B.

My Approach

Unlike other social media consultants, I won't throw a pre-designed strategy at you and leave you hanging when it fails. I make sure that you and your team have everything you need to stand your own feet...

  • No bullshit - I cut to the chase and show what works
  • Work with a professional that has a proven track record with hundreds of happy clients
  • No more worrying about the right tactic - Be confident in your acts
  • Close communication and personal attention
  • Customizing an exact strategy for your business

Let's work together!

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