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Internet Users Have an Average of 7 Social Accounts

... But you're not seeing any activity on your company's social media.

I know how many hours you put it into crafting your content, I see how often you’re looking at your accounts wishing for engagement on your latest post or for a lead to bite. I can feel your frustration burning through your computer monitor, but don’t worry, I got your back!

You CAN execute your social media with a targeted focus to find those qualified leads and reach your customers online.

Getting noticed on social media is hard. In my past roles as a social media manager, a community manager and as a social media strategist who started the social media department at a large digital marketing firm, I hear the same comments and frustrations every day, no matter what size the business. And I'll tell you what I tell them:

There’s no “secret formula” to being successful on social media.

If you're looking to step into or level up in the social media marketing realm you need a solid strategy, a strong understanding of your customers and knowledge of the social media tactics and processes that will help you reach your goals.

You want new clients, you want more business, you want more sales.
But being successful on social media just isn't happening.

Internet users spend an average of TWO HOURS a day on social media. Your business can reach them.


“Social media is ubiquitous for most of us in our personal lives, but have you ever needed to demystify how it can and should be used by a company? That’s exactly what Beverley was able to do for over a dozen entrepreneurs.”

– Arden Tse, ‎Manager, Venture Mentoring Service at University of Alberta


“Beverley is an absolute fire cracker. She tells it like it is and has such a deep knowledge and understanding for social media. She makes strong recommendations and is always thinking about what is best for her clients and their specific industries.”

– Summer Scott, Project Manager


“Beverley generously shared her knowledge which helped us re-brand our website and social media strategy. Beverley challenged us to spend the time to really look hard at things and reconsider our digital content.”

– Arseni Temirov, Founding Partner, Hire You On

Focus on What Will Make Your Company Grow

We will focus on what you need to achieve success and to feel confident with your social media marketing activities. I will walk you through, with step by step instructions, setting up and optimizing your business’ social media accounts, content planning, looking at the competition’s social media presence and anything else you need to know.

  • Social media best practices
  • Choosing which social media channels to focus on
  • Specific platform training (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Audit and analysis of existing social media accounts
  • Content curation and creation for social media
  • Tactical planning: Content calendar & editorial calendar planning
  • Scheduling posts, automation and tool recommendations
  • Social media monitoring/listening
  • Blogging and content marketing
  • Reporting on success metrics that matter
  • And more!

What's Included With Consulting

You will have my full, undivided attention during our time together. But, I'm not just going to leave you hanging after our time is up!

Real Talk

You’re hiring me for a reason, I want you to excel at using social media for your business. So many marketers preach “no BS” but I’ll actually call you on it, but, trust me, it’s out of love.

Email Access

I'm just an email away if you're stuck, need help or just need someone to bounce ideas off of.

Planning Templates

Industry standard templates related to our consultation session(s). These are legit, usable templates that come with easy to follow instructions. These templates will actually help you get shit done.

Your Favorite Social Media Strategist

Work with me if you want to streamline your social media and use it strategically. Those cat memes you're posting might get you engagement, but are they actually pushing you to reach your business goals? I don't sugar coat, I'll tell you how to reach your business marketing goals with social media, show you how to do it or do it for you. I've worked with all sizes of B2B and B2C businesses, from startups to national companies, in a variety of industries and started the social media department at a digital marketing agency.

If you want fluffy feedback and not actionable advice, don't work with me. If you can't handle a little bit of swearing, don't work with me. If you're ready to get serious about using digital marketing to grow your business, reach out and let's chat.

  • FIll In The Blanks - I work with you one on one to fill in the knowledge gaps to ensure you reach your business goals.
  • Measurable Results - I focus on the metrics that matter, not vanity statistics. Having a zillion followers doesn’t mean anything unless they are all qualified and in your target audience.
  • Accountability - No more procrastinating. Check-ins, follow-ups… I won’t be your mom but I’ll make sure you’re executing!
  • Experience - From starting the social media department at a digital agency, working with SMEs in various industries, to speaking to hundreds at conferences teaching them actionable tactics.
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I will keep you accountable and arm you with the knowledge to ensure you're on the path to managing your own social media accounts strategically and successfully.

First Step to Social Media Success

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Companies agree that creating compelling content for social media is both the most effective (82%), and most difficult (69%) part of social media marketing tactics.