Edmonton Social Media Manager

Social media marketing for businesses involves more than just posting cat memes for engagement. If it was that easy, I wouldn't have a job and you wouldn't feel overwhelmed trying to manage your business' social media platforms. While I'm a big advocate of businesses running their marketing in-house, I realize that it's not always that simple.

You may not have the capacity or budget to take on a full-time in-house social media manager.
You may not have someone on your team with the skillset.
You may not have time to learn and handle it yourself.

That's where I will come in to assist you in growing your business and finding leads online. Let's focus on the bottom line.

Skip the idea of getting your intern or "that young person" to represent your business online. Social media for business use is on another spectrum. Don't trust just anyone to be the mouthpiece of your brand and business online.

Social Media Management Packages

I often get emails asking for a copy of my Social Media Management Packages. You know, the typical three-tiered table I'm sure you've come across while hunting for someone to manage your business' brand reputation online.

BUT I can tell you right now, as a Social Media Strategist, I don't offer packages. Packages aren't strategic, I could give you a blanket amount of posts per month, but you'd either be overpaying or underpaying. I can also tell you the majority of business I work with on a monthly basis are around the $825-$1800/month mark.

So while it'd be nice if I could publish a table on this page with pricing, I'd rather talk to you first about your business, industry, and goals.

All businesses are different, a cookie cutter package isn't strategic.

Social Media Management Services

So, if I don't do "packages", how can I help you? There are many different service options that fall under the "social media management umbrella".


Just Some of The Businesses I've Worked With

university of alberta social media marketing
rogers communication social media
cushman and wakefield social media strategy
government of alberta logo
edmonton economic development
theatre alberta

Custom Social Media Management Services

Social media marketing on a monthly retainer can range from $800/month to $1800/month depending on your needs. If you're looking for "cheap" social media management, do not apply. Read this blog post to find out more.

If you were referred to me by someone, please contact me directly,
preferential treatment is given to those referred by current/past clients and connections.