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Done For You Social Media Strategy

All of my services are comprehensive. They include my strategy, expertise and abilities - not just for one aspect of your company's project, but for ALL aspects. I have over eight years of experience in digital marketing, I'm a "well-seasoned" social media strategist and have proven results with clients for social media launches and strategies.

Do you see all this amazing stuff happening online and love what your competition is doing but don’t know what to do, how to do it, or where to even start?

I have helped companies, from mom and pop stores to national brands, create a strategy for their social media that works! No more confusion, overwhelm, or amateur posts (yes...people can tell it is done by an amateur!) It’s time to represent your brand in a way that brings in business, doesn’t repel it.


In your social media strategy & Planning package, you'll get:

  • Measurable and attainable goals that tie into your unique business and marketing plans.

  • An audit of your existing social media channels. I’ll tell you what is working and what is sucking. Then I'll get stealthy and check out your top three competitors so you can stay ahead of them.

  • Real life examples of content that are on brand and will get you clients… for real.

  • Monthly marketing report template which outlines which metrics matter and how to track them so you don’t get all high and mighty on the wrong numbers and miss a big marketing opportunity.

And, don’t worry; I won’t leave you hanging after sending you the HUGE custom package of 50+ pages that include external files for templates and a comprehensive resource guide. You get 120 minutes of hand-holding to makes sure you are 100% confident in what you are doing! And just in case you missed the whole “templates” thing, these are super valuable, legit, industry standard templates that come with easy to follow instructions and will actually help you get shit organized and done.

Get a tailor-made strategy and plan that you or your team member can implement, including tactical, well-executed, and effective organic and paid social media marketing to step-up engagement, offer value to your clients and prospects, and create content that matters… with sales to show for it!

jerad cox realtor testimonial

"Beverley is certainly an expert in her field. Not only does she provide great large-scale ideas on how to improve your digital marketing, but also provides the little tips and tricks to get it done in a way that saves time and money, which is all something we want a little bit more of!"
- Jerad Cox, Edmonton REALTOR

"Beverley is one of the rare social media strategists who truly cares about all aspects of her craft - from short and long term social strategy, to her long list of conferences she has presented at, Beverley absolutely lives and breathes social. Her transparent and enthusiastic personality is an added bonus."
- Wilson Wong, Digital Marketing Strategist

wilson wong

Want a custom strategy but don't want to do the leg work?

Getting your feet wet, even with instructional guidance, can be tough. I get it. The last thing I want for you is to feel lost when it comes to the implementation of the actual tactics and activities.

Receive the Social Media Strategy and Planning Package PLUS I'll implement it AND train you at the same time.

6 months of strategic social media management, execution, & training including:

  • Scheduling posts
  • Managing engagement
  • Weekly training call on strategy and implementation
  • Training on content to be published and how it fits into the strategy

After the six month period of management and training, the contract can be extended for social media management, or it can be managed in-house by one of your employees with a six-month consultant contract, or you are ready to fly on your own and my job is done!


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