Social Media Strategy and Planning Packages

Strategic planning is planning in a way that maximizes outcomes.

Social media marketing… Is a waste of time?

Agree with the above? Remember that old person saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”? This definitely applies to social media marketing. The majority of businesses have no plan, they aren’t thinking ahead to the next quarter, let alone the next month or even week (sometimes even the next day, but I won’t even go there). While posting on the fly makes your social media accounts look alive, it’s also a huge waste of the time you could be concentrating on other things… and it’s not strategic.

Without a strong strategy aligned with business goals you're giving the advantage to your competition.

social media landscape of 2017

If these are all the social media platforms that exist right now:

How can you ensure your message is reaching your intended audience?
What is your messaging?
Which channels are worth investing in?
How do you measure success?

Be Strategic About Social Media

My clients are often surprised at how by how easy it is to manage their own social media accounts when they have a strategy and plan created for them to implement.

> Posts are on brand, on strategy and result in your #1 goal:  SALES.

> Paid social media advertising is tactically executed, ensuring you get the most out of your marketing budget.

> Content planning is done ahead of time, whether it's monthly or quarterly, which leaves time to focus on your business.

> The metrics you look at are the ones that actually matter.

> Time spent on social media is being guided by a strategic plan, no more second-guessing.

> Your audience is growing at a quicker pace. Awareness = people finding you and entering your marketing funnel.

... Basically, with a solid social media marketing strategy and plan, you're ensuring you reach the right audience with the right content that will deliver sales. No more posting off the cuff fluffy shit that doesn't convert.


"Beverley challenged us to spend the time to really look hard at things and reconsider our digital content.”

- Arseni Temirov, Founding Partner Hire You On

The “Done For You” Social Media Strategy
& Planning Package

Yes, you can Google "How to make a social media strategy" or "How to plan social media", but if you're not familiar with the social media marketing for businesses landscape, you might just be shooting yourself in the foot (or whatever that saying is). As an experienced social media strategist, I have created dozens of customized strategic documents and planning guides for both mom and pop businesses to national brands.

No two strategies are the same, just as no two businesses are the same. Don't trust a template to tell you what to do for marketing. Having a strategy and planning document tailored to your specific needs and your industry needs without having to second guess the information will ensure you're on top of your game.

Your Social Media Strategy & Planning Package

Your tailor-made Strategy and Planning Package includes the following and so much more.

> Audit of your company's existing social media efforts including your current social media strategy, content, tactics and marketing tools being used.

> Analysis of up to three competitors' social media marketing efforts. See what they're doing right (and wrong!) so you can one-up them.

> List of tactics to implement (and how!) to reach your specific business goals and objectives.

> Strategic planning and choosing and creating content that converts.

> Specific ways to step up engagement and offer value to your customers/prospective customers on social media.

> How to decode social media analytics and which measurements actually matter.

> 120 minutes of consulting time after email delivery of package

... So stop the confusion!


In addition to the list on the left, you'll also receive:

> Industry standard planning templates (marketing calendar, content calendar and editorial calendar) with easy to follow instructions.

> List of recommended resources tailored to your needs to make planning and keeping up with the ever-changing social media channels easier.

> Additional recommendations on digital marketing: search engine optimization, your website's user experience, content... 

Grow Your Business With Social Media

Let's get started on the right foot. Send over the below contact form so we can chat about your requirements, your business and how I can help.

More than HALF of marketers who've been using social media for more than 2 years report it helped them improve sales.

Do I Need a Social Media Strategy and Plan?

Not sure yet? Having a customized social media strategy will answer these questions (and more) for you:

> How do I find my target audience on social media? How do I up my brand awareness?

> Are my social media tactics working?

> I see my competition doing X, Y, Z on social media, how can I be better than them?

> How do I engage and attract attention from prospective leads?

> Am I sharing and creating the correct content?

> What's the best way to measure my return on social media? Am I spending too much time/money focused on it?

> How do I used paid advertising effectively?

tammy lee stupid hack

"She immediately looked at what we’d already done and noticed opportunities we had missed and corrected our oversight."

- Tammy Lee, Organizer of Edmonton’s Stupid Shit Nobody Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon

But, really, is it for me?

A custom, tailor-made social media strategy and planning package is for you if:

> You are tired of doing courses or webinars that tell you what you need to do but not actually HOW to do them.

> You know how you want to position your business online but don't know how to execute your vision.

> You are a business that runs your social media in-house without a dedicated and experienced social media marketer (and by experienced I mean one that has experience running business accounts and not personal ones!).