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Review of DrumUp

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I’m constantly on the lookout for new tools that make my job as a social media strategist/community manager easier. Finding quality content, that’s fresh and not super saturated all over social media, is something I do on a daily basis. When I came across DrumUp I knew I immediately had to sign up.

What is DrumUp

I’ve heard DrumUp referred to as a “personal social media manager” and the company claims to reduce social management time by 90% (for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). Basically it’s a content curation tool that will pull blog posts and news from around the internet for you to share on social media platforms.

The DrumUp Dashboard

screenshot of drumup social media dashboard
My DrumUp dashboard

The dashboard allows multiple accounts down the left hand side, and the right hand side is home to recommended content and custom feeds… Think of Buffer’s dashboard, there’s a lot of similarities (which is awesome because I’m obsessed with Buffer).


screenshot of drumup settings

The settings page is where the action happens, you can put in keywords for what you want to be talking about on that specific account, and it can be literally anything! Then you can choose how many posts you want to send out per day (I have mine set at 3), your country, your time zone and, this is really rad, negative keywords! So anything you don’t want your suggested content to be about you can toss those words in that section. You can also get a top stories summary (which I have disabled) delivered straight to your inbox.

Recommended Content

After you input your keywords and complete your settings tab, DrumUp starts pulling in stories based on those settings. For the most part I have found them relevant, but some of it is pretty random or very loosely related to my keywords. Even then, the random suggested content sometimes comes in handy when you want to talk about something other than just straight up social media for example… Which can sometimes be a snoozefest, so it’s kind of nice to have other suggestions.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 12.30.05 PM

Once you find content you want to share on your specific feed, you can either click “Schedule” or “1-Click Schedule”. The difference is pretty obvious (“Schedule” you can customize vs “1-Click Schedule” just automatically adds it to your queue), but what I really like is that when you click “Schedule”, DrumUp actually provides recommended hashtags to add to your post! If you accidentally click “1-Click Schedule” you can always go into your Queue tab and edit that post.

Content Publishing and Images

The one thing I would definitely like to see added to DrumUp is the ability to automatically include images in Twitter. When you look at the suggested content feed images are attached to the links, but when you actually go to schedule it, you have to manually save the image and upload it to the tweet. This is probably the most super frustrating part of DrumUp for me as visual content is important.

Tip: A work-around is to do a quick right-click-save of the image as it’s shown in the Content feed and then attach the saved image when you’re in “Schedule” mode (which is what I do right now)… However, it would be SO much easier if images just got automatically attached.


Pricing to use DrumUp is seriously legit and affordable. As of today, here’s what their plan options are:screenshot of drumup plans and pricing

Currently I have a one year subscription to the Small Business plan, before I was just using the free plan, which was sufficient enough when I wanted to test the platform with my personal accounts. The Pro and Small Business Plans are pretty similar except for a few things like lower amounts of accounts, posts and feeds, but otherwise, the Pro is pretty affordable for those who don’t need more than 6 linked accounts.


I’m a huge fan of DrumUp and log into it almost everyday to see what new content has been pulled. AND I have to say that when I do share content curated for me from DrumUp, it usually gets some sort of engagement which is great!

Have you tried DrumUp yet? Leave your own review in the comments or tweet me and let me know what you think!

A content curation tool that will pull blog posts and news from around the internet for you to share on social media platforms.


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