I’m on Makin’ the Bacon!

bending the rules

I met Karen, talented blogger and owner of Makin the Bacon, in real life at Social Media Camp 2018. Funny story, we were supposed to eat burgers together the evening before the first day of the conference, but I arrived late in Victoria from Edmonton (and by “so late” I mean, I was supposed to catch a flight at 1:30pm but missed it because I make bad life choices so I had to wait at the airport until 5:30/6:00pm) so that plan had to be scratched!

We did meet face to face at the conference and we were able to do an interview for her Social Media Series! We talked common misconceptions businesses have on social media, the difference between social media for personal use and business use, what a successful social media strategy involves etc.

Click the image below to read the full interview.

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