Impressing New Customers Isn’t All About Fancy Graphics & Big Social Media Followings

When building a solid digital marketing strategy, it’s only natural that you’ll be thinking about SEO, social media, and visual elements. While they are all central features, don’t forget that all companies focus on these. So, doing these alone may not bring the results you’d hoped for.

If you really want to impress prospective customers, it’s imperative that you go the extra mile. Here are five of the best solutions at your disposal.

1. Focus On Trust

Consumers need to place their trust in your business. They will conduct detailed research to see if there are any reasons to avoid your brand. The thought of data breaches is often their biggest fear, and a single episode could cause irreparable damage. Prevention is always the best form of protection, which is why acquiring the best network support is a priority. You can build increased trust with the use of fair returns policies and clear contact details.

Trust might not seem a major issue for marketing, but all ad campaigns will be futile without it.

2. Utilize The Power Of Recommendation

It’s great for a consumer to hear about your products directly from you. However, positive words shared by external sources will carry more weight. Securing reviews and testimonials can seriously boost your conversion rates. At the very least, it will speed up the path to conversion. Turning existing customers into brand ambassadors or affiliates can work wonders. Aside from recruiting others, it can increase their spending too.

Once you have established the protocol, it’s a marketing strategy that requires almost zero time from you.

3. Upgrade Customer Care

Consumers are increasingly invested in the customer experience. In fact, many will pay extra for a better level of service. With this in mind, pay extra attention to customer care. Using VoIP tech to provide more reliable telephone and web care is a good idea. Social media and Live Chat are popular options for many companies as well. Crucially, all employees must be trained to deal with customers in a consistent and fair manner.

Ambiguity and confusion during the pre-purchase stage could ruin the hopes of a sale, but great customer care boosts them!

4. Show Your Value

In the world of modern marketing, “content is king”. Aside from boosting SEO and social media feeds, it opens the door to new opportunities. It’s your chance to establish yourself as an authoritative voice in the industry. A blog or vlog enables you to provide insights that can aid customers. This includes ‘how to’, research, and opinion pieces. The possibilities are endless while it also encourages you to show your personality.

If nothing else, it’s a chance to provide something for free. This added value will influence the buyer mindset.

5. Be Responsible

Finally, remember people want to buy from brands that are like them. Shared outlooks on life can help build a stronger brand-client bond. Showcasing the fact that you run an energy-efficient business will often help. (Greener packaging is an ideal way to do this for example.) Supporting worthy causes, locally and globally, is another very effective solution. This allows you to build a winning community, which can lead to more sales.

Besides, the positivity will spread throughout your team, leading to increased productivity. The results will impress clients.



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