5 Chrome Extensions to Make Social Media Management Easier

Managing your social media accounts can be time-consuming, and the last thing you want is for it to be difficult and frustrating when it comes to curating content. I know how busy you are so I made a list of my top five favorite Chrome extensions to help make your life easier.

These will not only help you save time but will kick up your social media game. The best part? They are all free!

1. Grammarly

I don’t know how many times this extension has saved me! Grammarly vets everything you write, from emails to social media posts, to large documents or even essays, and not only checks your spelling but offers suggestions to improve your grammar. No more there, their or they’re mistakes!

2. Hashtest

Hashtags help our content reach bigger audiences but figuring out which hashtags are best for your posts can be a daunting task. Hashtest takes the guesswork out of it. This super easy-to-use extension allows you to enter in a #hashtag and it will tell you how that hashtag is performing and whether it’s worth using or not.

Hashtest uses a color-coded scale from “Best” to “Useless” to help you narrow down the best hashtags.

3. Evernote Web Clipper

I use Evernote Plus (yes, that’s a referral link) for everything because fuck bookmarks (ha!). The Web Clipper lets you snip web pages you find and save them in one central spot making curating content a breeze. Not only can you save a page, you can add tags and notes for better organization. I find it awesome for taking screenshots of analytics and notable client mentions to include in my reports, the best part is you don’t have to save all those shots to your desktop, they automatically save INSIDE of Evernote.

PS I literally LIVE on Evernote (referral link). When you see me typing during meetings, I’m taking notes inside Evernote! I’ve been a Plus member for over a year now and it definitely has streamlined a lot of things for me.

4. Pinterest Save Button

With the theme of saving time, the Pinterest Pin It button is a life saver. This extension lets you share directly to Pinterest without the pain of going through the actual Pinterest site. So when you’re cruising the internet and you see a bad ass idea for your business, easily Pin It and carry on.

5. LastPass

When it comes to knowing not only my passwords, but all my clients’ logins too, I was screwed! My life changed when I found LastPass. Now I only have to remember to keep my LastPass password safe in case I get logged out of it. The LastPass vault securely stores login credentials and it automatically auto fills the username and password fields on websites.

LastPass can also store important documents, audio clips, whatever!

Bonus! – Tabby Cat

SURPRISE! I have one more for you and it’s obviously the best. The Tabby Cat extension gives you a new magical little kitty to look at everytime you open a new tab because we all need a break once in awhile! The more you use it, the more accessories you’ll get for your cats. It’s a nice two-second break when you’re opening a new tab, each cat has a different name (and they’re super silly) so that’s a nice surprise too.


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