Edmonton Social Media Marketing & Personal Branding Event

One thing I love talking to people about is personal branding. Which is why I’m extra excited for this upcoming event!

I’ve partnered up with the talented folks at Edmonton’s NextGen for their speaker series and will be presenting on May 9th at 99ten in Edmonton. If you’re an Edmonton entrepreneur, freelancer or even someone with just an idea and you’re the face of it, join me at this event!

I’ll show you why social media is such a powerful tool for branding yourself, what types of content you should post and HOW to execute specific tactics to reach your audience. I’ll be hanging out afterward for questions. I can’t wait to see you there!


Couldn’t make it to the event? Confused about personal branding? Holla at me – Let’s talk!


Learn how to create and curate content that actually matters to your audience. 

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