Managing your business and marketing during this weird time

Last week I had a chance to participate in the Co. Lab’s Hypothesis webinar series. We had an honest chat about how we’re each handling the COVID-19 weirdness and answered questions from viewers on how to market themselves at a time like this.

How to use social media… In Ontario!

At the end of March I’m off to Brantford, Ontario to host “Kick It Up on Social”. What is it? It’s a three hour social media workshop hosted by the City of Brantford’s Business Resource Centre (BRC).

Social Media Marketing for Gamers

For gamers who stream, a personal brand is 100% important, not only in terms of visuals (logo, graphics, etc.) but also your streaming style, how you talk, what you wear and so much more.

Come learn how to grow your social accounts!

I’m sharing all the “secrets” aka tactics you probably aren’t familiar with. And if you’ve seen me present in the past, you know there will be awkward jokes, some unethical learnings (for educational purposes) and much more!

Edmonton Social Media Training

Social media, while not what it used to be, is necessary for growing businesses and is an essential part of an overall marketing strategy and plan.