Social Media Marketing for Gamers

But, do you even game bro?

Whether you’re a business owner, personal brand or even a gamer, the basics of social media apply to you! For gamers who stream, a personal brand is 100% important, not only in terms of visuals (logo, graphics, etc.) but also your streaming style, how you talk, what you wear and so much more.

When my pal Amaya aka amayazin9 on Mixer asked me to do a live stream with her to help her followers get more traction on social media, I was like YAAAAAAAAAAAAS. So, want to know how to keep things consistent and how to nail down your social media so you can eventually ask for free game keys and have a zillion followers?

Join us this Saturday, August 24th on Amayazin9’s channel!
We’ll take a look at some do’s and don’ts, best practices and have examples of killer content you can get inspiration from.



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