Creating and Catering Content to Speak to the Local Community

Content creation for your website or social media presence can be difficult! It requires a lot of thought and effort.

Surprisingly, there’s an angle which is often overlooked by local businesses and websites: a local one. More often than not, the best content is literally outside your front door. It’s relevant, it speaks to your customers and it is often exactly what they’re looking for to begin with.

Here are eight important notes about how to create content which speaks to your local community and can help steer them towards your digital presence:

Why it Matters

Creating content geared towards local communities is important because people are much more likely to search for things related to their community. Think about your own search habits. How many times have you searched for your community’s name followed by whatever interest you are searching for? According to one study, four in five consumers use the internet to search for local content. If you aren’t gearing your content this way, you’re missing out on these customers. This, of course, requires a bit of planning: You’ll have to pay attention in order to understand the interests of your community members.

Making Content Relevant

Local content is the most relevant of all forms of content. According to numerous reports, content focused on the reader’s community often ranks as the most wanted or searched-for information on the internet. Creating this type of content will drive people your way. It will also increase your search engine optimization because it’s what people are looking for so often.

Getting Seen

There are a few different ranking factors for local SEO. One of them, of course, is appropriate keywords and content. Creating local content which is timely, relevant and which links to high-quality sources (more on that later) will help to boost your local search engine optimization. This, in turn, will bring all the clicks and help make sure that you have numerous visitors to your website. When it comes to getting your site seen, it’s important to know what matters.

The Content is Right in Front of You – Literally!

Local content is easy because it’s right there: Generating good ideas is something you can do by glancing at your local paper (does anyone read it anymore?!), turning on the news or scrolling through your Twitter feed. This makes it not hard at all to develop content which is timely, relevant and easy to tweak to the needs of your business. That goes double for social media. After all, just about everyone on social media follows a local brand or business. You can use this content to increase your local digital footprint to make sure you’re being seen.

Local Content Can Easily Stay Fresh

One of the best ways to increase your search engine optimization is to constantly refresh your website with content that is timely, fresh and relevant. This lets Google and other search engines know that your website has useful information. Thankfully, local content can easily be updated

Let’s use this as an example: Say you run a business on “main street” (I’m thinking small-ish town). Take a few minutes every morning to look at local Facebook pages, websites or local news. From there, take another five minutes to update your blog, or put out a Facebook update about all of the great things that are happening in your community that day. Use good links and ask other businesses you are linking to if they would be willing to link back. Suddenly you’re creating easy-to-update content and refreshing it on a daily basis. 

It Makes Partnerships Easy

No business has ever survived alone – to make it these days, you need to work together. So creating content which is relevant to your local community gives you a chance to work with other complementary organizations. Don’t just hit the like button on Facebook, or leave a link to another business. Pick up the phone, send them an email, and see what sort of partnership opportunities exist. Create content that highlights a local business and ask them to do the same! This creates a win-win situation where you’re each promoting businesses to local audiences.

Building Community Goodwill

The best way to build a relationship with someone is to really, truly care about them (said Dale Carnegie). To that end, consciously engage in local content creation. Retweet local businesses. Share their big news and say nice things about them on your website. Have a link to other local businesses on your business page: This not only creates valuable content and increases your search engine visibility but it also generates goodwill in your community. This goodwill is likely (hopefully!) to be repaid with similar opportunities that increase your bottom line.

Show Community Engagement

It’s a simple fact: Potential customers like doing business with someone when they believe that person cares about them, their values and their community. Creating content which speaks to this important section of their lives will help demonstrate that you are a conscientious business that cares about the community you serve. To that end, create and share local content which is relevant to the place you work. Doing so will ensure that you appropriately position yourself in your community.

The simple truth is that local content and content marketing in general matter to you and your business. In some ways, they matter more than ever before. No one just wants to be talked to or at anymore. These days, when someone visits a website or social media platform, they expect content that will enrich their lives. If you provide them with that, you will be far more likely to get them to spend time with you and ultimately make a sale.

Whether you are a do-it-yourself type of entrepreneur and need help with your strategy or a company that needs both a strategy and implementation, Throwdown Social Media can help create a content strategy that pushes your marketing to the next level! 


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