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Creating Community Involvement with Social Media

Twitter has always been a powerful force in the Edmonton. As a social media channel it brings good attention to those who deserve it and definitely brings our local community together. I recently attended #yegwrap, Tweetup started by Brittney Leblanc (@britl). What’s a Tweetup? It’s a “Twitter Meetup” (get it?!) where people from Twitter meet offline IRL, usually just to say hi in person or attend a specific event.

Promoting a Community Event with Social Media

#yegwrap in particular is a Tweetup that happens yearly around November. Twitter peeps meet at the Santas Anonymous Warehouse and wrapped presents donated for children in the city. As an OG user of Twitter, Brittney has been organizing #yegwrap for NINE years, that’s freaking dedication!

For this week’s Social Media Thursday I wanted to enforce how social media can do great things, even though there weren’t a lot of us at #yegwrap, we still showed up, helped and shared our experience on social media to inform others about Santas Anonymous. Everyone wants “social media influencers” at their event (hey, it’s an amazing tactic for event marketing) but I think it’s extra special when influencers like Brittney arrange something like #yegwrap just from the goodness of her little heart (I love that betch).

I hope this week’s video inspires you this holiday season to start something new that benefits your community!

Also, I just started a Facebook Page (finally), I’d be forever grateful if you headed on over and gave me a Like so we can stay in touch. I’ll be sharing industry news, social media tips and tricks and other rad stuff.


I hope this week's video inspires you this holiday season to start something new that benefits your community! Bring the online social media world to the offline, real world!


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