Edmonton Social Media Marketing Mistakes

When you’re looking to get started on social media for your business, there are a number of things to consider, especially if you’re outsourcing to a 3rd party to manage your social media marketing.

I’ve done a lot of videos and written a lot of content around finding the right person or agency that can execute your company’s social media marketing strategically and successfully, but why is it so important? Because I see tons of businesses pouring money into strategies that don’t work and like, hello, what business would be okay with that?!

Being from Edmonton, naturally I felt like doing a “Social Media Mistakes by Edmonton Social Media Managers” would be an ideal topic! Again, this isn’t the SHAME anyone, it’s to learn from, to grow from, and to figure out where things went wrong and how businesses can avoid making these costly mistakes.

In this video we’ll look at:

1. Posting to the wrong account


  • Review your social media accounts from the audience’s perspective.
  • Make sure the images and media you’re posting is on brand.

2. Instagram Stories ad that can’t be read


  • Tailor your ad media to where they’re being published. It’s not good enough to allow heavy text Facebook ads to be published automatically to Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories, think of how people interact with the content on those platforms.
  • Tailor your copy to where you’re posting. There’s different audiences on each platform, for example, on Instagram you can get away with using some slang words while on LinkedIn, because it’s a professional business network, you probably don’t want to use slang in your ads.
  • If you’re using a bit.ly link, customize the end of the link so it’s easy for people to remember.

3. Saying something’s a secret but it’s not


  • It’s not a secret if it’s widely known and obvious.
  • Use hashtags that are targeted and relevant to the post.

4. Being lazy and not creating custom images


  • Don’t use screenshots of your website on social media… Or if you are, crop out your phone menus at the very least.
  • Tailor images and media to the platform you’re posting on.
  • Create custom images for events that get the attention of your audience.

5. Sharing the wrong link


  • Double check the links you’re sharing.
  • Read the content at the page being linked to make sure it’s not fake news, irrelevant to your post, etc.

What are your thoughts? Should I blur out the company names in the future? Will you learn from these “Edmonton digital marketing don’ts”?

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