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The Dos and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is an extremely popular tool and should be part of every marketer’s arsenal. If done correctly, it can quickly increase traffic and conversions, resulting in a higher profit. However, if you make mistakes, you will spend company resources without achieving any goals. That is why it is essential to understand the dos and don’ts of Facebook advertising.

That is the goal of today’s article. We will discuss how to avoid making mistakes while advertising on Facebook and what approach you should take to achieve the best results.

Do not forget that the most profit from Facebook ads comes from mobile users

Facebook is one of the social media platforms that can work for every business. However, that does not mean you can do whatever you want. Many marketers forget that mobile users contribute the most through Facebook ads. When designing your advertisements, do not focus only on desktop users. You should direct more attention to advertising for mobile devices.

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Do not overspend

So, your team had a meeting, and you agreed on the budget for advertising on Facebook. However, you don’t see positive results and decide to spend a little more money and get more ads. That is a mistake.

If you decide on a budget, you need to stick to it. If you spend more money on Facebook ads than your company earns in return, you are not doing good business.

Do not expect overnight results

Building brand loyalty through social media does not happen overnight. As mentioned in the previous section, if you don’t see immediate results, that does not mean the strategy is not working. It simply requires a bit more time.

The essential information is that Facebook ads give your business more visibility. All you need to do is continue to provide quality products, and your ROI will slowly increase.

Do not forget to monitor KPIs

The only way to know if your Facebook ad campaign has positive results is to keep track of your KPIs. That is how you measure success.

Furthermore, KPIs help you set clear goals for your company. Without knowing what the expected result should be, you cannot manage a Facebook ad campaign. You don’t have any measure of success to compare your results.

The most important metrics to monitor are:

  • the number of clicks;
  • cost per click;
  • impressions;
  • reach;
  • click-through rate.

Do not forget to add videos to your ads

Today people like to watch videos more than they want to read. If you create visual video ads, you will attract more audiences. Besides being promotional content, videos are also a great source of online entertainment. People can watch a few videos while on the bus to kill time.

With that in mind, shift your focus to video ads for Facebook.

Do target the right audience

To be successful at Facebook advertising, you need to reach out to the right group of customers. You want to be as specific as possible. The narrower the group is, the better.

If you target a too broad group of customers, you have a higher chance of people losing interest in your ads. Furthermore, that will quickly burn your budget.

Do pay attention to your existing customers

Just because someone has already paid for your product does not mean you should forget about them and look for another customer. Quite the opposite, you want to engage your existing customers constantly. It is crucial to pique their interest in coming back for more.

Social media can improve your ROI, but only if you approach the process with the right mindset. It is all about building connections and always bringing more value to your clients.

Do include enticing and engaging visuals

Remember that people see so many different things online. Things that are not impressive will not grab a customer’s attention. They will continue to scroll down the feed.

Your visuals need to be dynamic and engaging. They need to be vivid and eye-catching. Otherwise, your customers will not even notice the ad. It is all about making the right visual impression.

However, there is a word of caution when using visuals. Do not overuse text. They should contain some information, but the focus should not be on the words. It should be on the image.

Do create attractive CTA buttons

Having just a single CTA button is fine. However, when creating your offer, you want to make it clear and concise and tell your users where to click to get what they need. A well-placed CTA button can drive conversions. If you have more than one CTA button, you are doubling your chances that someone will convert to a paying customer.

Remember, CTA buttons should be the stars of your ad.

Do remember to do A/B testing

AB testing is essential for Facebook advertising. You need to publish a few ads, monitor how KPIs fluctuate, and then make a small change in your ad. The next step is to monitor the performance of that modified ad and note the results. This is an excellent way to analyze your ad structure and understand what elements drive conversions.

Do create ads to retarget customers

Retargeting is a very successful strategy in marketing. When someone visits your website, you can discover where they have been by browsing website cookies. If they haven’t bought anything, you can send them the same ads after some time to remind them they still have not made a purchase. This is a very efficient way of engaging potential clients and helping them transition from an observer to a buyer.

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Do pay attention to user comments

When you post ads on Facebook, users can comment on them. Pay special attention to comments, and always try to reply and connect with potential customers. This is an excellent way to show that someone is always there to provide guidance and answer any questions they might have.

Follow these steps, and you will create a successful Facebook ad campaign

Now that you understand the dos and don’ts of Facebook advertising, you have all the knowledge you need to create a Facebook ad campaign with a high chance of success. Stick to these rules, and you have nothing to worry about. Your business is in safe hands and has a clear future ahead.


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