Tools That Can Help Your Business Conduct Keyword Research

Being able to use the right keywords and phrases to get the best search engine optimization results is a new and somewhat specialized art! Learning how to use the easiest and quickest tools for your business is important. Here’s a couple of the best and most proven keyword research options.

Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz is an SEO powerhouse and can give you up to 10x your ROI, but it does cost a good bit, depending upon the size of your business and what you need. However, one of the bonus points of MOZ is that in the Pro version, besides finding mistakes and needed keywords on your website, and besides figuring out which keywords are needed, it does repairs for you! This saves both time and money, as a crawler can do the repairs faster than human eyes, and get you greater SEO in the process. MozLocal can help fix your local SEO as well.

Google Trends

With Google Trends, you can access both real-time and non-real-time data. This gives you options for trending fixes including all the data culled from Google searches. Data can be sorted by category, time, type of data, or region. This can help you identify specific trends by season or even by association with other specific trends which might be more fleeting, and not need your attention. This can help you make sure that your concentration is focused where it is most needed.

Freebies Exist

There are free SEO Research and tracker tools for keyword support as well. For great ideas of how to use keywords you might not have thought of, Soovle is your best bet. Some, like Wordstream, might offer a free number of searches. Ubersuggest does exactly what its name says: suggests a massive amount of variations of the keywords you want. However, there are limitations, in that it’s more difficult to track trends or even see what categories your suggestions might need to fall into.

As with all things online, you tend to get what you pay for—paid tools offer the most options and variations, including crawlers, which shorten your own time spent making changes to your database of words. However, if you’re just beginning, changing keywords by yourself, with freebie recommendations, might suit you well. Regardless, learning keyword research tools makes a huge difference in your website’s ability to make you money!

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