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5 Interesting Ways To Share Company Successes & Milestones On Social Media

As a growing company, you likely have a ton of successes and milestones you’re proud about. From landing your first client to hitting the ten-year mark, there’s plenty to excited about.

So why not share those successes on social media? Your social channels are a direct line to your followers, and they’re a great opportunity to boost your branding by showcasing your achievements as a company.

Read on for five interesting ways to share company successes & milestones on social media.

The soundbite of success

customer testimonial exampleSource: IDX Central

Customer reviews and quotes provide valuable social proof, an essential feature of a good ecommerce brand. Has one of your customers said something awesome about your brand? Maybe they made an amazing purchase, or they had a really great chat with one of your customer service representatives?

If so, you’ve got an excellent opportunity to share that on social media in a creative way. Go through your reviews and customer testimonials and pick the juiciest quote you can find.

Try and pick something bold and soundbite-worthy. For example: “it was the nicest conversation I’ve ever had — and I wanted to make a complaint!”. No prob if you can’t find a quote of that caliber — as long as it’s a striking standalone line, it’ll do!

Once you’ve got your quote, find a suitable photo and create a text overlay of the quote on top. A photo of the smiling customer (where appropriate and with their consent) would suffice, as might a photo of the product in question, and so on.

Use a visual design tool such as Easil or Canva for your text overlay — it’s easy to use and makes you look like a graphic design professional in minutes.

The modest social media humblebrag


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Not all of your achievements as a company are internal. You might be given an award by a recognized industry organization, or maybe there’s a good article about you in an industry publication or local newspaper.

In these situations, it’s 100% to have a little humblebrag and share this on your own social channels. Don’t forget to link out to third-party content that mentions your achievement if possible.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to be deliberately self-deprecating about it — a line or two about how proud you are with thanks to the publication in question will be good enough. Above all, be a bit modest. If you’re clearly showing off, that’s a social media fail which will detract from the value of your achievement.

As well as sharing your company success with the masses, it also boosts the value of your achievement by association. When recognized bodies or publishers name-check your brand, it shows your followers that you’re an industry MVP and one to be watched, street cred!

The behind-the-scenes video

Video is a popular format on social media, and demand for it is growing. 54% of consumers want to see more video content from the brands they love online — so why not give it to them?

A great way to use video content to share a company milestone is through a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your celebrations.

Hosting a five-year anniversary of your startup’s founding? Hire a videographer to record the event and share the footage across social afterward. This makes for great content that can also be used in promotional content further down the line too. You could even record the event yourself live and share it on IGTV. This gives your followers a candid glimpse into company life, creating an intimacy that strengthens your relationship with your followers.

Concerned about poor video quality? Don’t be. On the Shopify Masters podcast, Kitty Poo Club, a company that ships disposable cat litter boxes, explains how low-budget social video helped them make over $2 million dollars in their first year of business.

In short, low-quality social video increases the authenticity of your video, making it fit seamlessly into the other videos your followers see on their feeds. As a result, these videos receive increased engagement because it’s perceived as natural, rather than branded content! Wahoo!

You don’t need fancy equipment for your video content either — most smartphones come with high-quality cameras that are more than capable of producing social-ready videos. Accessible, authentic, and affordable — videos are perfect for showcasing your next company event.

The employee spotlight

Your staff members are the glue that keeps your company together, the oil that keeps its cogs turning (so cheesy). They are responsible for driving growth and success. So why not celebrate them to the world on social media?

Create a regular feature on your social calendar that shines the spotlight on your employees. Pick one team member every month who has particularly excelled — maybe they won you a new client, or they completed a training course with flying colors — and celebrate them on social.

Identify your employee’s name, job role, and achievement, and give them a quick interview to find out more about them. Their hobbies, past experience, favorite place to eat — anything. Let your social followers learn about your employee as a person, not just a member of your company.

This approach gives your business a human slant. It lifts you out of the strictly commercial sphere and shows you as a lively, friendly place to work. This enhances your branding and makes your social audience feel closer to you as a result.

The celebratory contest

While your company success or milestone might mean the world to you and your employees, it won’t necessarily matter to your social media audience. Sure, they’ll be happy for you, but unless it directly affects them, they probably won’t care all that much.

But contests and giveaways are a great way to share your success on social. As well as giving your followers a reason to care, it also generates hype around your achievement and your company. It’s a marketing opportunity that drives huge exposure to your brand.

Launch a competition to promote your company milestone — a user generated content (UGC) contest is a good method for this.

Encourage your followers to submit their own photos centered around a theme in return for a prize. For example, if you’ve recently reached your first year of operating as a business, ask your followers to submit a photo of their own recent achievement such as graduating from college.

Be sure to share the best snaps on your social channels. This shows some love to your followers while spreading the word about your business’s success, enhancing your company’s standing into the bargain.

As the old saying goes, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! If your company has achieved something great, don’t be afraid to show it off. The tips above should give you plenty of inspiration for sharing your next company success or milestone on social media.




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