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7 Social Media Marketing Tactics for Your Business

You’ve finally gotten the capital that you needed to start your business; the next hurdle is growing your brand. If your business is going to be the next zillion-dollar company, you have to ask yourself, “How can I grow my sales?”.

This generation (I’m aging myself here) thrives on social media, meaning marketing has been made easier. However, it may fail to work in your favor if you don’t know how to attract and interest your audience. This article will teach you the necessary steps in using social media as one of the best marketing tactics for your business.

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7 marketing tactics for social media

Social media is a tricky place; it can either build your brand or tarnish it. However, you’re lucky; here are easy to follow tips that will ensure you land on the “rosy” side of social media grace:

1. Identify your brand

What do you (want) to represent? 

What is your product or service bringing to the table? 

For example, if you’re eco-friendly, make sure your online branding shows that. Depending on the brand you establish, customers can tell whether they want to be associated with your products.

2. Identify your target audience

Once you establish the goal of your product and the brand you want to represent, you need to identify your target audience. This can be done by researching the statistics on the people who buy similar products to yours.

Also, the demographics of those people are essential. For example: You can’t start marketing snow boots to people who live in Africa and complain about social media being the enemy!

Knowing your demographic will help you realize what type of communication your users expect online.

3. Choose the right social media platform

Some might think all social platforms are the same, but they’re very different. So many social media platforms are created day in day out. But fully understanding which one your customers prefer will promote engagement between you and them.

Different businesses should market differently, and knowing what works best for you is also crucial. For example, if you’re good at videos, then YouTube is best. However, this should not limit you as many platforms these days promote all types of content.

4. Build a loyal fan-base

With time, you’re going to have repeat customers. These types of customers are important, and you should always strive to keep them around. Most people focus too much on getting more new customers and end up offering substandard services to loyal ones.

There’s an unwritten rule which states that for every promotional post, you need to ensure the next six are content for your already existing fans.

With this mentality, your customers will not feel overwhelmed or annoyed by promotions and ads.

5. Schedule, schedule, schedule

It is super important to post content often so that you’re always in your customer’s mind. Choose specific days for posting and stick to that schedule, that way your customers still have something to look out for on that particular day.

Scheduling your posts will also help motivate you to make content beforehand. And you’ll never have rushed unplanned posts! This will give your business a professional touch.

6. Encourage customer feedback

Remember, nobody trusts a product with no reviews. Encourage your customers to provide you with reviews about your product. Not only will it put you more on the map, but you can also use that feedback to improve your business.

If you receive negative feedback, make sure you reach out and learn more to fix the issue. This will give the customer the sense that you have their best interest at heart (which you totally should anyway).

Oh! And don’t forget to be quick to respond to questions and concerns!

7. Videos are the best

Videos are generally more attractive than pictures or text, as they offer more information and are more personable. Make short videos with engaging content at the beginning, you only have three seconds to catch their attention.

Social media is your BFF

Social media is most affordable and most extensive marketing channel you can choose. If you use the above tactics, remember to check your analytics on a regular basis to see what’s performing well.

It doesn’t matter if your business has years on the market or just mere hours, social media marketing can help you get out there and find more clients.

So… What are you waiting for?


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