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From Surviving To Thriving: How To Boost Business After Lockdown

There is no doubt that for the vast majority of businesses, the last few months have been incredibly tough, to say the least. With lockdown measures now being eased all over the world, it’s time for companies to switch their attention from surviving to thriving. If you’re on a mission to boost your business, here are some strategies to consider today!

Harness the power of online marketing

Statistics show that people are spending more time online during lockdown than ever before. While the internet is great for keeping entertained, it’s crucial for businesses as it’s also a platform for consumers to buy, connect with brands and make plans for the future. As a business owner, it’s vital to recognize the power of online marketing and to use its capabilities to promote products and services, attract new customers and engage with existing clients.

Digital marketing techniques, including social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click marketing (PPC) can help you attract attention at a time when people are embracing different ways of shopping, sourcing products and finding out more about service providers. If you’re not already working on targeted online marketing campaigns, you could be missing out on the opportunity to capitalize on exposure that could drive sales and create new leads.

If this is not your area of expertise, it’s worth enlisting the help of experienced marketers (hi!).

Sell products and services online

If your business doesn’t already sell online, there’s no time like today to explore the possibility of setting up an e-commerce website or offering the opportunity to place orders through your existing website or social media feeds. Even after lockdown is lifted, research indicates that people are likely to be reluctant to spend more time away from home than they need to. For businesses that usually rely on foot traffic, this is bad news. The key to thriving lies in offering alternatives for customers and in adapting the way you work. Online ordering is hugely popular because it provides convenience and it’s also a means of keeping shoppers safe. It’s also beneficial to think about services like click and collect, which minimize social contact, and providing home delivery.

If you run a store or a showroom, use your website and social feeds to showcase your products and encourage followers and customers to buy. Make sure you use detailed descriptions, high-quality images and video clips and virtual tours to promote different products, and think about tailoring recommendations to provide a personalized service.

Tell your story

You’ve probably heard a lot of marketers mention “storytelling”, but that’s because storytelling is a brilliant way of engaging with customers. The COVID-19 crisis has affected everyone, and now is a good time to tell your story in a way that will connect you with new and existing clients and help to inspire confidence and build trust.

Let your email subscribers, followers and customers know what you’ve been up to during the lockdown and tell them all about the changes you’ve made to move forward and keep staff and clients safe in the coming weeks. Using visual content like infographics, images and videos will bring your story to life and make your messages and posts more memorable.


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