twitter changes to 280 characters

ICYMI: Twitter is moving to 280 characters

Yes, you heard it. Twitter is upping their character limit and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Twitter Love

Twitter was my first love (errr in regards to social media), it’s where I met so many people (that I still tweet with 10 years later!) and is my go to when I need help, have content to share, etc. So, I mean, any changes to the platform make me nervous.

My first tweet:

WWJD – What Would Jack Do

When I’m not sure about something that Twitter is doing, I turn to Jack and see why they’re making these choices.

Then I saw this:

The reason why I like the 140 character limit is that it’s quick, concise, no filler. I also like the challenge that comes with trying to condense copy into that short of space.

Me when I’m writing tweets too long:
Okay, I need to condense this shit.
Should I put an ampersand where the “and” is?
Should I abbreviate more words?
No, abbreviating is so annoying.
Should I just not include the link?
But I need the link.
Maybe if I switch around this sentence.
Should I remove that hashtag?

Blah blah blah…

Skeptical About The Twitter Character Limit Change

I guess it will be refreshing to not have to struggle anymore? In the future though, I can see people still struggling to fit within the 280 character limit. Being used to 280 characters will be weird.

Social Media Automation Tools

Also I wonder how social media tools are going to keep up with this change. Will they update their Twitter automation to include 280 characters, or will they be slow on adapting? Will they impact my clients’ opportunities to schedule 280 character tweets?

Twitter Hashtag Apocalypse

Does 280 = ALL THE HASHTAGS? It’s bad enough when you see people, but even worse, when you see brands hashtag the crap out of their tweets: #hashtag #every #single #word #not #strategic.

Attention Span

Can our attention spans handle the 280 characters? I know, 280 characters is NOT a lot, but when it comes to Twitter, it’s legit giving room for people to double the length of their tweets. Our average attention span is now 8 seconds. We like to skim read. Will we skim read Tweets or read the entire tweet moving forward?

Response From Twitter Users On The 280 Character Limit Change

I found some tweets about the character limit change and because it’s me, I’m only putting in funny ones.

Your Turn!

What are your thoughts on the 280 change? TWEET ME (in 140 characters or 280) and let me know.


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