how to optimize your website for social media

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Website Social Media Friendly

Great content helps increase traffic to your website, but what happens when readers land on your website? I know it’s difficult to focus on improving your own website when you’re concentrating on working with clients, but I have to stress, it’s super important that your spot on the web is “socially friendly”.

Here are some essentials that are easily skipped over:

1. Share buttons

I’ve been struggling keeping up with writing new blog posts, but with the posts I have published, I want to make sure they’re sharable by my readers. It’s as easy as adding “share” buttons to your blog posts, pages, etc. but also remember that the numbers displayed on those sharing widgets are usually incorrect, so don’t focus too much on them. Go to each platform and sniff things out natively or check your Google Analytics for true shares and the sentiment of those shares. The location of the share button is important, it should be in a a spot that grabs social attention but doesn’t inhibit mobile (and desktop users for that matter) user experience. Play around with the location and analyze what works best.

However, 99.8% of mobile users reported NOT using the share button and so the learning you can take away from that statistic is mobile friendly is super important!

2. Be keen to include useful/valuable content

Everyone always says “content is queen”. But I agree more with “useful” content is queen (yes, I changed it to queen). Content plays a huge role in social media and digital marketing. Not only does it ensure your website has something new and shiny to read, but it also signals Google to let it know your shit’s still relevant.

3. Make use of the CTA at end of blog posts and pages

The point of social media is just as it’s titled, being “social”. Engage your visitors by inviting them to participate in your content, ask them for opinions or even for their help. The end of your blog post should outline a specific, quick, and easy way the reader can continue the conversation with you.

4. Optimize images

Image Credit: QuickSprout
Image Credit: QuickSprout

Images play an important role not only your blog posts but for your website in general. It’s been proven that images will make your blog posts more appealing and increase shares by grabbing attention, but remember the graphics have to be relevant.

One you’ve selected a couple of images for your page or post, optimizing it for social media is key. You can use tools like Canva or Landscape by Sprout Social to do this if you’re a graphic design noob.

optimize your website for social media

I’ll leave you with this: Social media is an important part of your marketing plan. Use it to promote your brand, business, product, content, whatever… It’s part of everyday life for internet users, so ensuring your website is “social media friendly” is vital.

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  1. Social share icons is indeed a factor for for a social friendly site. As far as position is concerned, it is always better to put them on top and bottom of every post, if you generally write posts above 400 words.

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