snapchat on demand geofilter results

My Snapchat On-Demand Geofilter Stats

In August I spoke at Social Media Breakfast about Snapchat for Businesses. It was a perfect platform to test out a Snapchat On-Demand Geofilter. Not only did I want to see metrics but also I wanted people to have fun with it and see how they would interact and use it during the event.

Guidelines for Creating Snapchat Geofilters

There are a couple of key things to remember when setting up a geofilter:

  • it cannot contain URLs
  • it cannot contain social media handles
  • it cannot contain hashtags
  • it cannot contain photographs of people

This was my first attempt, created using Photoshop:

After I submitted it, I got an email the next day saying it was rejected (boo!). BUT the email was helpful and the rep wrote “Please remove Snapchat from the copy and we will approve it.” So it was really straight forward and didn’t require second guessing. Needless to say, my second attempt was successful:


Snapchat On-Demand Geofilter Results

The day before the event is when Snapchat charged my credit card and on the day of the event they emailed me to tell me my geofilter was active.
snapchat event geofilter results

Learnings From My Snapchat On Demand Geofilter

For a measly $5.00 USD I was able to create engagement with the audience I was talking to. It was also a fun interaction idea and an easy way to get the audience trying out Snapchat if they haven’t before.

Don’t forget to download my Snapchat Storyboard!

The Snapchat Storyboard template has been filed away, sorry if you missed it!

For a measly $5.00 USD I was able to create engagement with the audience I was talking to.



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  1. That must be the BEST $5.00 USD spent thus far! And above all, it is so inviting and easy to follow. So the key point is to make sure you don’t list “snapchat” in the copy! I hope you’re going to have more of these Social Media Breakfasts!

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