ladies learning code edmonton

Ladies Learning Code Edmonton

I remember when I was young (a million years ago), I taught myself HTML and how to create my own websites using Geocities, Angelfire, Tripod, etc. I always wished there was a class I could take to step up my Geocities game that was specifically focused on women learning how to do internet things, but alas, there was not.

Enter, Ladies Learning Code (LLC). I didn’t have to teach myself how to create my own websites with WordPress, a couple years ago I actually took a Saturday course through LLC and learned the basics of websites.

This past Saturday, the tables were turned, I was invited to teach Getting Started with WordPress and Blogging! Even though I’m not new to speaking to a room full of people, I have never actually instructionally taught them. This was my first time, and yes, I was nervous as heck! Bree, the LLC Edmonton Chapter Lead, and all the mentors were awesome. They were super supportive and helpful, and the positivity of the room, the sheer dedication to learning, was contagious.


LLC is definitely a “safe space” for learning and I would highly recommend attending a course if you’re able to. Also, if you’re knowledgable on the subject being taught, volunteer as a mentor! It’s not only a great networking opportunity, but sharing your experience and knowledge is a fun way to be involved in the community.

So, that was my Saturday, what did you do?



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