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Snapchat On Demand Geofilters for Event Marketing

I recently received four emails, from four different brands, within a span of a week, asking me more questions on Snapchat and how businesses can throw it into their usual social media marketing rotation. So this week on Social Media Thursday I wanted to talk about Snapchat, but Snapchat On Demand Geofilters specifically!

How to Set Up a Snapchat On Demand Geofilter

Geofilters are quick and easy way to get started on Snapchat (but remember to think about if your customers or target market are on it), especially if there’s a special event that runs for a specific span of time. In this week’s video I walk you through how to set up a custom Snapchat On Demand  Geofilter and give a quick view of what kind of analytics Snapchat provides after it’s done running.

Creative Ways to Use Snapchat On Demand Geofilters

There are the typical uses of Geofilters that everyone thinks about, for example, and probably the most popular, running it for the length of a special event where people will be congregating in a specific area (think conferences, meetups, etc.). Which is great, and it’s probably what Snapchat had in mind when they started to allow businesses and individuals to create them! But here are more creative uses I’ve seen for them in the past:

Fundraising with Snapchat Geofilters

Get companies or individuals to “sponsor” your filter, so for every “use” your filter gets, your non-profit or fundraising campaign gets X dollars

Preview Secret Sales with Snapchat Geofilters

Depending on who your in-store customers are, they might be Snapchatting while they’re at your place of business. Offer a special discount for people who use your Geofilter (get them to show you their Snapchat Story with it being used on). A good way to get people into this is to release the secret on social media by letting them know there’s a “Snapchat Deal of the Day” or whatever.

Promote Your Personal Brand with A Custom Snapchat Geofilter

I’ve seen this done many times and I tried it out when I spoke at Social Media Breakfast! Run a custom Snapchat On Demand Geofilter that includes the conference location in the geofence (watch the video to see what I’m talking about and how to do that!), simply have a personalized message and ensure it mentions your name, you’d be surprised at the use and view counts you’ll get.

Quick and Easy Snapchat Geofilter Set Up

I’ve been setting up quite a few Snapchat Geofilters lately and I can honestly say Snapchat make it SO simple (they have a number of geofilter templates you can choose from if you’re not a graphic design whiz) and it’s cost effective which is a major plus. Watch the video and let me know your thoughts. Are you going to set up a custom geofilter for your next event?

And guess what? I got new lights for filming video, and guess what else, I forgot to get bulbs. Oops! So I’m still filming in my beautiful, beige hallway, you’re welcome!

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Learn how to set up Snapchat On Demand Geofilters and creative ways to use them.


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