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Top 3 Social Media Pet Peeves Explained

I’m excited for you to watch this episode of Social Media Thursdays. This project has got me getting more hands on with apps and the tools in my arsenal. A year ago Gary Vee said: “The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video.” And, um, of course Gary is right (he was right about Snapchat too!). A lot of us are just catching up to this fact and seeing explosive growth and building that trust between ourselves and our followers/audience. I’ve always wanted to bust into video creation but have never wanted to actually put myself out there, but what better time than now!?

ANYWAYS. That went totally off topic. This week I talk social media pet peeves. Thanks to Andrea, Peter, Brittany and Evan for their feedback. I surveyed my friends and followers and got over 250 responses, it was hard to narrow them down to three, but these were the most common.

Warning: In the video there’s a little bit of shade thrown around, but fuck, if I had to block out the example usernames it’d still be obvious. Don’t be offended please, just get with the times and maybe not do these things.

What are YOUR pet peeves on social media? Leave a comment below.

Update: Want to know how to be annoying af on LinkedIn and Twitter? Check out my latest blog post on spamming best practices.

I surveyed my friends and followers about what they found annoying on social media and got over 250 responses, these three were the most common.


3 thoughts on “Top 3 Social Media Pet Peeves Explained”

  1. Great video – definitely have those as pet peeves as well! My other one is businesses that have obvious planned interactions on Soc Med with “customers”. I follow a guy with a Social Media business that has these interactions all the time with local businesses that I know are his customers! It’s so phoney.

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