How much do you know about what Twitter contributes to your business? You might think that Twitter helps you establish connections, and you’d be right: 85% of followers say that they experience that. But besides connections, how do you get more out of Twitter? How do you make a community become a customer, one sale at a time?

Visual Branding on Twitter

For starters, your Twitter page should feel familiar to anyone who comes into contact with any other part of your visual identity. That means spending time on your Twitter page with images, logos, and words that feed into that coherency.

Be Strategic With Twitter

You also can’t be random with Twitter; it has to have a real strategy and real goals. It also needs to have a personality that reflects your company. And this social media platform has to fit within the goals of your overall marketing efforts, using hashtags, keywords, and cross pollination in a way that makes sense.

Many businesses I speak with in Edmonton think they “have” to be on every platform when it comes to social media marketing, but as a reminder, ask yourself, “Is my audience on Twitter?”

Want to learn more? Check out this infographic below:

Get more from your company’s Twitter business pageInfographic by Quill

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