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Make Your Mark in the Contracting Industry with a Solid Web Strategy

Service industry businesses such as contractors, plumbers, and electricians may operate in a specific geographic area, and thanks to the vast expanse of the internet, the marketing and brand reach they need to succeed can be accomplished. Building a strong web presence keeps you competitive and attracts more homeowners than only having a website will provide.

Why You Need a Strong Web Presence to Succeed

With an ever-growing trend toward researching service companies online before calling for an appointment or estimate, you need a far-reaching online presence. How you represent yourself on the internet determines how potential customers view you. Are you professional, skilled, and trustworthy? (This also applies to non-construction related companies as well!)

Everything has to work together to encourage people to become a lead and turn into a customer. This includes so much more than building a well-designed website and incorporating some local search engine optimization (SEO) practices.

Constructing a Web Presence for a Strong Foundation

Don’t get me wrong, website and SEO are important, but complete web presence management is as complex as building a house. You don’t stop with poured cement and the 2×4 framework (I think that’s how you start a house). In order to succeed, a web presence needs to include everything from well-developed content to traffic and call analysis, reputation management, a strong digital marketing strategy, and continual monitoring of any effort’s success.

Digital marketing focuses on a big-picture result from a host of detailed methods.

Website design impresses with its style while back-end development serves quick load times and user-friendliness.

Regular social media posting combines with consumer interaction for content marketing and customer service boosts.

And tracking comments on social media and reviews on the internet (claim your Google My Business page!) helps you manage reputation — essential for trust building.

Most importantly, tracking every visit, mention, and interaction and analyzing the data collected allows you to build and grow your web presence in the most effective ways. Before you sign off on a newly constructed house, fit the final elbow pipe (that’s actually a thing), or attach the final outlet, you look at the work and test all the connections. Service company success requires the same attention to detail and oversight. Building a strong web presence takes a collection of diverse skills and ongoing effort. You are an expert in your field, so if you’re unsure, outsourcing your web presence management can be a double-win.

You build your service company brick by brick, but without a strong web presence the foundation will crumble and you may not reach the homeowners who need your services. Whether you string wires, lay pipe, or hammer nails, the online world is super important to reaching customers and constructing a successful company.

Yup, digital marketing can seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t need to be. Schedule a strategy session with me today!


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