Gaps in the Strategy: Where are Your Advertising Efforts Failing?

One of the best ways to build your company’s brand recognition is by having a solid advertising and marketing campaign in place. While people can have a great branded logo for their company and have a great reputation with customers, there’s still a chance that their marketing efforts are not working. But, have no fear, there are ways to turn around the success of the campaign!

Social Media Marketing

A way that your advertising campaign could be failing is if you’re not working with a quality social media advertising campaign. Social media is widely considered to be one of the most effective marketing platforms today. By giving your social media campaign a boost with more frequent ads (hello, Facebook) and fresh content, you could see a tremendous overall increase in marketing effectiveness for your company. Social media is one of the most challenging frontiers for businesses, and if you find yourself lagging behind then be sure to ask someone, like a Social Media Strategist, ahem, for help.

Printer Services

When you are looking to improve your marketing strategy for your company, you also need to make sure that you are using printing services. While more and more marketing is done digitally than ever before, there is still a need for print media. This is especially true if you’re hosting an event and could use printed handouts or signs. Today, there are 24-hour printing services that can create flyers, banners, cards, and more in no time at all.

I’m actually doing a lot of work at an upcoming trade show for an industry I’m not that familiar with. I’ll be doing a lot of things like on the spot consulting, presenting, being on a panel, etc. so I’ve been thinking about print materials for a while now!  

Common Sense

Are your ads being seen by people? Try and use some common sense when putting your ads up and creating a campaign. There are a few obvious ways to keep your campaign effective. Make your ad stand out, and don’t just follow the trends! It’s so easy to blend in with everyone else.

One good way to make sure your ads stand out is to tailor them to your audience and market. Don’t make ads that seek to call in everyone on the planet. Identify who your product is for, and seek to advertise based on that. What type of business you run is also important. According to TD Marketing Solutions, branding and advertising is a must for any company, but they should do it the consideration of what type of business a company is. Their examples are hospitals and substance addiction treatment centers, which are going to have more regulations put on their marketing efforts than other businesses, and will have a different kind of audience to reach.

Lack of Updates

The average consumer has a very short attention span when it comes to remembering marketing campaigns. As Bizzy recommends, you need to make sure that you’re continuing to update the customer with changes to your business, and about new exciting information in your industry. If you don’t, the consumer will typically forget about your business and what is going on behind the scenes. You should ensure your content is refreshed as frequently as possible (even though I’m bad at this).

Finally, once you’ve improved your marketing campaign, it’s essential never to be complacent. Don’t sleep! You should always spend time reviewing your marketing efforts and looking for ways to make them better. Unless you are a heavily established brand you will most likely always need ads, and even the heavily established brands can benefit from some ad work (you know who you are, ha!).


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