5 Semi-Okay Ways to Grow Your Facebook Business Page

Creating content for Facebook is one thing, but getting an audience to actually see it is a whole other story. If you’re expecting overnight success, sorryyyy, but not sorry. It takes time and effort to grow a Facebook Page, especially if you’re just starting off. I get it, we all want to be famous and have zillions of followers, but until then, focus on gaining followers/likes from people who matter.

This blog post covers one of the most popular questions I constantly get asked: How do I get more Facebook Page Likes? Here’s some “decent ways”.

1. Add the “Like” button on your website/blog

Adding the “Like” button or box can make it easy for other people to find your Facebook page and “like” it from your own website or blog. Place it where it’s clearly visible, you can even do a CTA at the end of your blog post, but make sure you tell people WHY they should like it.

Use the Facebook Like Button Configurator to grab your own code.

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2. Promote your Facebook link on other social media platforms


I’m not a super huge fan of this tactic, but it will bring you some success on growing your Facebook Page. Why aren’t I a fan? Because I believe all traffic should be driving people to take an action that makes them become a customer or a lead. And telling people to go to your Facebook Page more than likely doesn’t do that (traffic should be going to your website or a landing page).

But yes, you can promote your page on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.. But consider if you’d rather have website traffic or Facebook traffic…

3. Hold contests


I’ve seen contests still executed wisely, BUT remember that Facebook will limit your post reach if you use engagement baiting language, such as “comment below”, “tag a friend”, “like this photo/page”. So you really need to get sneaky with the way you write your copy and the way you tell your page fans to interact to win the contest.

Learn more about engagement baiting on Facebook.

4. Be consistent in posting

Being consistent when it comes to engaging and interacting with your Facebook audience is legit. You want to make sure you acknowledge comments, visitor posts, etc. This doesn’t mean you have to sit on your phone all day and wait for Facebook notifications, it just means that maybe you pop in every day for a minute to see if you have any new notifications.

Being consistent in posting is also rather legit, BUT remember to focus on QUALITY vs “Oh I need to post something today because I always post on Tuesdays”. Managing social media isn’t about filling time slots with random content. Curate wisely. If you can’t post on Tuesday because you have nothing worth saying or sharing, then don’t post.

For help with blog planning and social media consistency, check out this free Get Shit Done Planner.

5. Ask questions

I get it, having fill in the blanks and true/false questions might help step up your engagement, but honestly, does it align properly with your branding? If so, then YAY… You want to make it easy as possible for your fans to engage with your page, but don’t sell out just so you can get some comments. A more valuable way to get answers and learn more about your clients is to ask open-ended questions at the end of your posts. It can be as simple as: “We put together this list of 5 Facebook Page growth strategies, what else would you add to this list?” or “What did we forget?”.

What was the point of these semi-okay tactics?

These are tactics that I hear a lot of other social media marketers recommend you do to get more Likes on Facebook. BUT in the end, they’re just THAT, recommendations. What works for one business might not work for yours and what worked before might not work anymore!

In my experience, the most success I’ve seen businesses have, besides accidentally going viral, is running an ad for Engagement and then selecting Likes as the goal. And that’s my experience, so, try it, test it, see if it works for you.


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