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Best Practices to Increase Social Media Engagement

Engagement is a vital metric when it comes to reporting on social media marketing activities. By engagement I mean likes, shares, comments, clicks, etc. If you’re pushing amazing content that’s tailored to your audience and the channel that you’re using, engagement, hopefully, will come naturally. However, it’s not always true, but there are ways to kick each post up a notch.

CoSchedule shared with me this awesome infographic so I’m going to share it with you, my peeps! Next time you’re planning your editorial calendar test some of these out and see what happens. Knowing the message type and length, character and hashtag count and sentiment will definitely help… Even factors like how many emojis to include should be planned out.

Below you’ll find out how to write for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and, even Google+. Did you take these factors into consideration? If you need help crafting your content strategy and plan, just let me know.

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Take into consideration character count, hashtags, emojis and message type when publishing your next post. (Infographic inside!)


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