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Every social media marketing professional likes to tell you how to do things because they're best practice and proven to work in the past. I know from experience that "best practices" and proven past strategies and tactics don't necessarily work for ALL businesses. So, when you're reading through my blog, keep in mind that these are just RECOMMENDATIONS, what works for the majority of businesses, might not work for yours. (If you want some tips how to customize something for your business, just shoot me an email.)

Don't be afraid to test things out and try new strategies. Just remember to check your analytics on a regular basis to ensure what you're doing is working and you're achieving the results that are important to your bottom line.

Need help? Holla at cha' girl!

ladies learning code edmonton

Ladies Learning Code Edmonton

Even though I’m not new to speaking to a room full of people, I have never actually instructionally taught them. I was nervous as heck!

snapchat on demand geofilter results

My Snapchat On-Demand Geofilter Stats

For a measly $5.00 USD I was able to create engagement with the audience I was talking to.

social media breakfast red deer

Thanks for Attending my Social Media Presentation!

Thank you to everyone who came out to learn about Snapchat marketing for businesses!

cheap social media management

Hiring a Cheap Social Media Manager

When you hire someone who claims to have the “best price” or the “cheapest service”, you’re getting shit for brains marketing.

instagram stories vs snapchat

Instagram Stories (aka #Snapstagram?)

Here’s my 19 second two cents on the new Instagram Stories feature, which I actually filmed in Instagram and saved!

how to use snapchat for businesses

Let’s Talk Snapchat

Learn from real life examples of successful Snapchat strategies, notable content, and most importantly, learn how to calculate your Snapchat ROI.

social media crisis bank of america

Bank of America Social Media Fail

Recently, Bank of America went through their own social media crisis prompting me to stop at the grocery store to buy more kernels.

should my business be on social media

Should My Business Be on Snapchat?

Everyone is talking Snapchat. Should I be on it? What’s the fuss? Don’t you just get nudes and eggplant pics sent to you on it?

social media camp victoria

One Week ‘Til Social Media Camp

Want to learn more about my session at Social Media Camp? Here’s my silly video, finally!