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Every social media marketing professional likes to tell you how to do things because they're best practice and proven to work in the past. I know from experience that "best practices" and proven past strategies and tactics don't necessarily work for ALL businesses. So, when you're reading through my blog, keep in mind that these are just RECOMMENDATIONS, what works for the majority of businesses, might not work for yours. (If you want some tips how to customize something for your business, just shoot me an email.)

Don't be afraid to test things out and try new strategies. Just remember to check your analytics on a regular basis to ensure what you're doing is working and you're achieving the results that are important to your bottom line.

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Image depicts that social media marketing relies on research, content, ideas, and presentation.

Guide to social media marketing for local businesses

Finding a place in the world of social media marketing proves to be a challenge to many businesses. This guide intends to bust preconceptions that social media marketing is made for big players, that it costs a zillion dollars, and that it’s too complicated.


How to Build a Positive Reputation for Your Company Online

If you own or manage a small business, then you know how important it is to build a positive reputation.


Managing your business and marketing during this weird time

Last week I had a chance to participate in the Co. Lab’s Hypothesis webinar series. We had an honest chat about how we’re each handling the COVID-19 weirdness and answered questions from viewers on how to market themselves at a time like this.

working from home messy desk

5 Work From Home Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

As someone who has been working from home for the past 3-4 years (I love it!), I decided to share some recommended tools you may not be using but should consider!

mavsocial walkthrough

Review: MavSocial Social Media Management Tool

I first heard about MavSocial when I was looking for a new social media management tool. It has some small quirks that can be considered a deal breaker, but I feel like it does have a lot of potential to (someday) be a great replacement for Agorapulse, Hootsuite or Sprout Social.

ontario social media

How to use social media… In Ontario!

At the end of March I’m off to Brantford, Ontario to host “Kick It Up on Social”. What is it? It’s a three hour social media workshop hosted by the City of Brantford’s Business Resource Centre (BRC).


Running out of content ideas? Try these!

Thinking of content, whether it’s for your blog or social media posts, can be a pain. Have you ever just stared at your computer screen, ready to pull your hair out because you can’t think of what to post next?

social media unfollows

Top reasons you’re losing social media followers

When starting your business I bet you never thought that losing social media followers would be something you worry about. While losing a few followers from time to time isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm, the constant loss of followers is.


Social Media Optimization / SMO… What is it? How can you apply it?

Similar to how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) optimizes websites for search engines, the same thing applies to SMO… Literally optimizing your website for social media marketing.