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Every social media marketing professional likes to tell you how to do things because they're best practice and proven to work in the past. I know from experience that "best practices" and proven past strategies and tactics don't necessarily work for ALL businesses. So, when you're reading through my blog, keep in mind that these are just RECOMMENDATIONS, what works for the majority of businesses, might not work for yours. (If you want some tips how to customize something for your business, just shoot me an email.)

Don't be afraid to test things out and try new strategies. Just remember to check your analytics on a regular basis to ensure what you're doing is working and you're achieving the results that are important to your bottom line.

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Importance of Checking Your Backlinks

I had never heard of that term, “disavow a link”, but I quickly Googled wtf it was and then was like “Yeah! I totally should!” and pretended like I knew what she was talking about (shhhh!).

social media stats

Social Media Stats You Need to Know For 2017

[Infographic inside] When you’re crafting your strategy and plan moving forward, take a look at these 32 stats, they should help make choosing a platform, creating content and marketing your business much easier.

cbc radio viral videos

My Interview on CBC Radio One Edmonton AM

I was invited by CBC Radio One Edmonton AM to chat about the incident on social media and to discuss how and why videos go viral on social media.

social media for beginners

4 Tips for Getting Started on Social Media Marketing

Some businesses can simply Google “How to social media”, follow a free instructional blog post and pray that their content will lead to sales. But, in the end, is the time and effort being dumped into a strategy-less social media launch “free”?

spamming on linkedin

Best Practices for Spamming on Twitter & LinkedIn

The majority of people have grown wise to not opening penis enlargement and Prince of Nigeria emails, well, at least I hope so…

using social media for businesses

Social Media: The difference between personal & business use

Not everyone uses social media the same way. Using social media marketing for a business varies vastly than using social media for yourself. There are really two main ways to use social media. One is for personal use and one is for professional, and they look really different!

turn twitter followers into loyal customers infographic

Businesses on Twitter – How to get more out of your account

You can’t be random with Twitter; it has to have a real strategy and real goals. It also needs to have a personality that reflects your company. And this social media platform has to fit within the goals of your overall marketing efforts, using hashtags, keywords, and cross pollination in a way that makes sense.

dealing with digital marketing burnout

The Struggle is Real… Social Media Burnout

I never believed in burnout, I was like, dude, this is my passion, this is what I’m obsessed with, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life and I’m fucking great at it, why would I need to take a “break”?

social media for real estate agents

Social Media Marketing for Edmonton Realtors

I had the pleasure of being invited to present at The Realtor’s Association of Edmonton’s 5@5 event.